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University Vision
A premier national university that develops leaders in the global knowledge economy.

University Mission
A university committed to producing leaders by providing a 21st century learning environment through innovations in education, multidisciplinary research, and community and industry partnerships in order to nurture the spirit of nationhood, propel the national economy, and engage the world for sustainable development.

Mandates of the Center for Sustainable Development

  1. Be the hub for SDGs-related information and activities
  2. Initiate the preparation of the Sustainability Plan
  3. Foster collaboration that brings together people, ideas and resources
  4. Initiate programs and practices that integrate sustainability into the university, including policy formulation
  5. Provide education and outreach to the University and its campuses, and surrounding community about sustainability
  6. Communicate sustainability knowledge, progress and activities
  7. Support and coordinate the Sustainability Council/Committee
  8. Further efforts to meet the goals of the university’s Sustainability Plan and sustainability commitments
  9. Equip campuses to envision and implement their unique contribution to sustainability
  10. Measure, assess and continually improve university sustainability efforts
  11. Embed sustainability into the University’s culture and traditions
  12. Coordinate with the campuses student sustainability leadership program
  13. Provide trainings for sustainability coordinators

Objectives of Center for Sustainable Development

  1. To contribute in the global efforts towards achieving the SDGs both locally and internationally
  2. To advance its institutional vision for and commitment to sustainability and codified it to SDGs
  3. To instil among students and graduates a well-rounded education and global awareness, and equip them with the knowledge and understanding, skills and attributes needed to work and live in a way that safeguards environmental, social and economic wellbeing, both in the present and for future generations
  4. To promote SDGs in the field of research and academics as well as in the management and operations of the University
  5. To contribute to the sustainable development of the country through collaborations and dialogue, aiming to realize a more resilient society

Logo of the Center for Sustainable Development