Disaster Risk Reduction and Management / Climate Change Adaptation (DRRM / CCA)

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BatStateU ACTION Center
The Province of Batangas is known not only for its natural resources but also for the natural disasters that have struck the province that resulted to loss of lives and properties and have also affected other nearby provinces. The different hazards in the province include typhoons, flooding, landslides and earthquakes, and recently, the Taal Volcano eruption. In 2017, the Batangas State University established the Adaptive Capacity building and Technology Innovation for Occupational safety and Natural disaters (ACTION) Center which is focused on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM). This allowed the University to offer Master in Disaster Risk Management and to engage its faculty and students in research undertakings focused on DRRM. It has also trained its human resource on DRRM and even established per campus an Incident Command System (ICS).

Environmental Management Unit
BatStateU also established its Environmental Management Unit which oversees climate change adaptation initiatives of the University. To name a few, the University has embarked on the use of solar panels in every buildings being built in the university; establishment of sewage treatment facility and the plan to setup water harvesting facilities in every campus of the university.

The Verde Island Passage Center for Oceanographic Research and Aquatic Life Sciences (VIP CORALS) was in 2018 to be the pioneer, leading, pro-active, and world-class research center on the field of oceanographic research and aquatic life sciences in the Verde Island Passage which is the center of the center of marine shore fish of the planet. The VIP CORALS aims at providing research, teaching, and extension services on the marine resources and its marine environment in the Verde Island Passage.